E·ly·si·um (ɪˈlɪzɪəm) n. 1 Greek mythology a place or state of perfect happiness to which certain favoured heroes were conveyed by the gods 2 a state or place of perfect bliss

conceptus ex congnitione natus




The Elysium chair has two modes of use

Lockable recline

Experience the lightest recline action available in a chair with a locking function

Free Motion

Touch a lever to access continuous frictionless balance controlled by

  • Craftsmanship

    All Elysium chairs are handmade at our Cambridge workshop where advanced engineering blends perfectly with fine craftsmanship


Elysium is a bespoke item based on intimate client consultation

Milled aluminium and stainless steel

Ergonomically engineered carbon fibre

Anatomically moulded viscoelastic foam

Scandinavian leather in 70 colour options

BS EN 12520:2015. Furniture. Strength, Durability and Safety

BS 5852 CRIB 5. Medium Hazard Flammability

Size: 740 mm x 960 mm x 1250 mm (upright)

Weight: 32 kg