E·ly·si·um (ɪˈlɪzɪəm) n. 1 Greek mythology a place or state of perfect happiness to which certain favoured heroes were conveyed by the gods 2 a state or place of perfect bliss




The Elysium chair has two modes of use


Experience the lightest recline action available in a chair with a locking function


Touch a lever to access continuous frictionless balance controlled by gesture

  • Craftsmanship

    All Elysium chairs are handmade at our Cambridge workshop where advanced engineering blends perfectly with fine craftsmanship


Elysium chairs are made to order

Machine cut aluminium and stainless steel

Ergonomically engineered carbon fibre

Anatomically moulded viscoelastic foam

Finest Italian and Scandinavian leather

Customisation Options:

Extended, gel-filled, aluminium armrests

Gold or Rose Gold Plating

Pure aniline leather